About CBM


Coöperatieve Belangenvereniging Melkgeitenhouderij Midden Nederland U.A. (CBM) has been a leading co-operative in the goat dairy field since 1986. We are known for our quality, reliability and structural sales, both at home and abroad.

We at CBM work hard to represent goat farmers’ interests in any way we can, including milk sales. Since our inception we have paid goat farmers a competitive price for milk by negotiating sustainable contracts with sound partners. In addition, we maintain a focus on the consumer in order to ensure that we meet their needs with the right products. CBM is effectively the link between producer and consumer.

The co-operative
CBM is run for and by goat farmers. We place great value on the idea of being a co-operative. Our members not only provide milk, but are also actively involved in CBM’s ongoing development.

General meetings
Three times each year, CBM holds a general meeting for all goat farmers. We determine the course of our organisation together at these meetings. Every vote counts.

Management board
CBM's management board consists of 5 members. CBM members appoint the board members at one of the general meetings. The executive board is responsible for policy and meets once every three weeks.

Day-to-day management
CBM employs two full-time employees. They run the office in Twello and arrange all CBM’s affairs in an efficient and professional manner.