Our goat farmers

CBM is a co-operative of approximately 85 goat farmers. These farmers are all located in the Netherlands and are specialised in goat farming. They would like to introduce themselves...


"CBM stands for robustness, reliability and continuity"

Our goat farmers | Frans Elshoff

In 2000 I made the move to goat farming. Around that time there was considerable demand for goat milk in the market. At the time we had a bovine holding, which didn't seem to offer a good perspective for the future. The idea of entrepreneurship in the goat farming field appealed to us, so we made the move to keeping dairy goats.

For the first few years we delivered goat milk to the private sector, but the need to sell our milk co-operatively again gradually increased. In particular, the intensive co-operation between CBM and FrieslandCampina appealed to us.

Through the years CBM have proven that they stand for soundness, reliability and continuity. One of the ways they have done this is by paying always a competitive price for milk.

Frans Elshoff


"CBM is a stable partner with a no-nonsense policy"

Our goat farmers | Gerrit-Jan VeelersIn 2000 I came into contact with goat farming through my feed supplier, who knew I was searching for a branch in the agricultural sector. We were searching for new opportunities for my in-laws’ small farm, the milk quota of which had already been sold.

At that time goat farming was a growing market, in which there were also growth opportunities for goat farmers without the need for endless investments in quota. The decision to keep dairy goats was easy for us, partly due to the fact that the sector is in many respects similar to pig farming, where I had previously worked as a studbook inspector. In addition, with goat milk and cheese we are bringing a healthy product to the market.

We joined CBM because we were looking for a stable, reasonably-sized partner with a no-nonsense policy. The co-operative feeling appealed to us too.

With CBM we have the advantage of being assured of being able to sell our milk at a competitive price through the years. It is also important to us to work together with one of the largest processors in the world (and still growing). It means that we also have a voice in the market, and we can’t be ignored.

Gerrit-Jan Veelers


"CBM has proven to be a reliable partner"

Our goat farmers | Germ de VriesMy passion for goats started in my youth. I grew up with goats on the property. We were pretty competitive about it, because we went to agricultural shows with them and we monitored their milk. At that time we didn’t know that this would later become an important part of our company.

In 2002 we wanted to expand our dairy farm, which at that time only had cows. By joining the goat farming industry, we were able to expand to approximately a million litres of milk (and no purchase of quota) with a relatively modest investment.

The person we bought the goats from was a member of CBM. At that time, CBM and many other collectors/processors were not taking on new members. Purchasing the goats meant that we were able to take over the seller’s membership. This was an excellent decision, because CBM has proven to be a very reliable partner.

Germ de Vries