Our dairy goat farmers deliver milk of outstanding quality. In order to guarantee the quality of our products, the goat milk is checked and assessed throughout the whole chain from goat farmer to customer.


Kwaligeit ('Qualigoat')
CBM is associated with the Nederlandse GeitenZuivel Organisatie (NGZO). This trade association has a quality assurance programme, Qualigoat. Qualigoat means that our goat farmers and goat milk are subject to strict checks on industrial hygiene, veterinary medicines, animal health and welfare, feed and drinking water, and the quality of milking and cooling.


The RMO driver takes a milk sample for every milk intake. This sample is submitted for examination at Qlip. This sample is submitted to Qlip for examination. Various things are checked at the control station in Zutphen, including the composition of the goat milk (fat, protein, lactose urea content) and its quality (cell count, plate count, butyric acid and cleanliness). Depending on the results, a deduction is made from the milk payments or a bonus is paid out.


CBM is under the supervision of the Centraal Orgaan voor Kwaliteitsaangelegenheden in de Zuivel (COKZ). COKZ is responsible for monitoring the dairy industry. COKZ oversees the taking, storage and transportation of milk samples, as well as payments for goat milk.